Wednesday, March 26, 2014

With SimCity Finally Offline, Comes The Mods!

Now that SimCity is finally offline, it looks like it can properly modded and the Mods are starting to pop on Simtropolis.
 The Current state of the SimCity 2013 Mod Community on Simtropolis, As of 3.26.2014;

Simtropolis by the numbers...
  • 76 Mods - and modders are updating these all the time.
  • 6 Buildings - mostly growables & transportation for now. 
  • 215,636 - number of mod downloads since 4.2013.  
  • 65,247 - number of building downloads since 9.2013.

Mod Highlight: MaxisGuillaume having modded 6 mods himself. Including the Extended Worker Data in Rollover Mode. Screened below, which can show many workers each Civic, commercial and industrial can have. Along with displaying how many shoppers and tourist commercial can have. And the same for residential buildings, as it shows the current number of workers, shoppers and kids and students.

Power Plant in SimCity 2013 with the Extended Worker Data Mod

Mod highlight: Do you miss those information graphs from SimCity 4? Thanks to schaefjw from Simtropolis their back with the Trend Pack.
Screened on the right, the mod features online global market in game access. And with offline play comes 20+ trends to view in game.
All trends work just the live global market panel with the change rate too!

New To Mods?
Installing mod is fairly easy. Beginner Steps Below.

  1. Download mod - From Simtropolis is recommended. 
  2. Unzip/extract files to the SimCity Data Folder. 
  3. This folder is located in the Origin Games Folder in under program files in windows. 
  4. After locating this folder find the SimCity Data folder in the SimCity folder to extract to. 

And here's the offline promo video/tutorial for the new offline mode. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A SimCity Time-Lapse

From YouTube User: strictoaster
The city of Riverbend. It's one of the cities in the region I'm playing (, the layout was created beforehand and the simulation run from start to end specifically for this video. Total gameplay: 2:30hrs (approx)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Global Market Blog Post

EA recently published a blog post with some detailed information 
on the global market. The basics: Read The Post. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Video Review For Update 2.0

Don't know what changed in update 2.0 check out the video review & patch notes. 
Plus with update 3.0 coming out very soon, i'll be on the lookout for a good video review for it.
Read all the 2.0 patch notes. Additionally 
Update 2.1 Fixed  City Processing: Fix for some issues that have caused cities not to process.
Updated 2.2: Addressed a number of crashes.